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Updated: Jan 24

Man oh man, what a year an half it’s been. In the midst of a panorama (pandemic) and facing self daily has resulted in many things, personally. The most important, though, is new life. My family of 3 has grown to 4 as we welcomed baby Ezekiel to our world. And he has been been such a bundle of joy to everyone he has encountered! As I prepared for his arrival, I planned on taking 6 months to focus on my health and let my business take a seat. Well….six months turned into 7, then 8, 9, 10, 11…and now entering 12 🥴. I didn’t want to rush back into creating if I couldn’t love what I made. I’ve tried…even took on some alteration clients…but it was too much at times. I kept hearing “SLOW DOWN!” But I didn’t listen 🙃. I just wanted to create!

Although I’ve been a mom, starting over after 11 years has been ROUGH. Postpartum is very real and can go unnoticed if you don’t acknowledge it. But thank God for my hubby for being right by my side through it all 💕. And big brother is enjoying the ride too 😁.

With all that said….mini collection dropping on my birthday, 12/10 🥳. Extremely limited and very fun. I’m slowly coming back to me as a creative so be on the look of my lovely announcements of new things to come!

-B Chantel 😘

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