Discovering B Chantel again…

When I took a break from my business, I didn’t realize how much all over the place I really was. I just wanted to create any and everything 🥴 but it was really draining me. I needed to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

So I looked at my tag line:


What does mean to me?

So I made a sentence:

Imagine me, being a able to create to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

So what does it look like?

and that‘s where I stopped to really think about who I am as a creative.

I absolutely love sewing. It’s a lost art form that I am going master. I never want to stop learning so I can forever evolve. I also love painting but I am not a professional. I just simply enjoy do it. Learning things here and there are just as great 😊. I enjoy crafting so I’m never intimidated to dive into a DIY project. (I also like power tools but that’s a whole other thing lol)

Now how to I rebuild my business around my passions? Glad I asked 😁

Here’s what to expect from B Chantel Designs going forward:

• Unique designs as I focus on the style and aesthetic of my brand.

• More classes under B Creative. I plan on offering a variety of creative classes that’ll include sewing, painting and crafting. • A lot more activity books! It’s so much fun creating them and I’ve only just begun! • Even more content so you can get to know me, Brittney, just a girl who loves creating 💕

P.S. Occasionally you’ll see affiliate links throughout my different social pages. It doesn’t cost you anything to shop through those links but it helps me earn a little extra when you do. 💕

like these coloring pencils I just ordered! Can’t wait to use them with my books!

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